A joint venture between Riordan Painting & Property Maintenance and Mildura Concrete Cutting and Coring, we can now bring our expertise to domestic flooring solutions!


Indoor & Outdoor Flooring Solutions


Exposed Concrete Interior Floors – the latest trend in unique flooring, we can tailor the finish of your floors with a wide range of colours and textures.


Outdoor Entertaining Areas, Driveways, Paths, Garage Floors, Pool Decks


Any high traffic areas around your home will benefit from exposed concrete flooring that is then finished with an industrial strength epoxy.


Not only does this process provide a high gloss finish, it is easy to maintain – perfect!


Rejuvenating Existing Areas


Perhaps your existing outdoor areas just need a freshen up?


Whether it’s worn concrete pathways, driveways or peeling paint on your shed, our epoxy paint systems are UV and chemical resistant, ideal for high traffic and hard wearing areas.




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